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Creating Superb Business Growth Requires The Right Solution Area codes 613 and 343 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for Ottawa and surrounding Eastern Ontario, Canada. Area code 613 is one of the 86 original North American area codes assigned in October 1947.

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Reach a population of several millions with a 613 area code phone number.

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Ontario in terms of Businesses
Ontario is a very appealing province in Canada for  investments. Large industrialized economy, fast-growing technology base, a diverse range of key traditional industries, low corporate taxes, and incentive programs are attractive for investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world who are looking for new markets to grow.
The following businesses thrive very well in Ontario:

Hence you may wish to establish a new business or relocate an existing one to Ontario for high profitability leveraging the 613 area code.

Premium Features of 613 Area Code

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613 Area Code

Area code 613 serves southeastern Ontario, Canada including Ottawa. It has a single overlay (343) that serves the same area. The following are some other cities covered by area code 613:

Why Does My Business Need 613 Area Code Phone Number ?

Area code 613 serves Ontario and the surrounding areas in CANADA. If you are in a business, looking to enter into the Ontario market, then it’s very important to have a local phone number that customers recognize and can call without paying for long-distance. A local phone number with a 613 area code will help you get your foot in the door fast.

Applicable Ways Businesses Use 613 Area Code
Is 613 toll free? And how do I get one?

613 is not a toll free number at all. To get your own number is easy as online phone service providers such as has made it convenient for you to obtain and customize your own phone number just visit to get the code for your business. 

Importantly too, when dialing always remember the area code.

If the number you are calling has seven digits, dial the area code first and then proceed with your seven digit number to call.  Not dialing in the area code would result to your call not coming through and the phone provider would ask you to hang up and dial again.

Access the Following Advantages of Using 613 Area Code in Your business

The benefits of getting 613 Area Code for your business can never be over emphasized. See some great benefits below: